Friday, August 26, 2016

God's Multiplication

Once upon a time...
...there was a woman who found a 100 dollar bill. She took it to the local police station and asked if anyone had come looking for a missing 100 dollar bill. "Nope, sorry!" the police man said, "If no one comes to claim it in 7 days its yours!" So the woman came back 7 days later to check and see if the missing 100 dollar bill had found its owner. "No one has come to claim it! She is all yours." said the police man. The woman took the 100 dollar bill and said a prayer, "Lord, what would you have me do with this money? Please show me." She then went to the grocery store to get some groceries and up ahead of her in line at the check out counter she noticed a woman who was putting things aside because she didn't have enough money. These items included things like dippers, and home essentials. Quickly the woman pulled out the $100 and gave it to the woman in front of her in line. This woman burst into tears and thanked her over and over again. This is a beautiful example of how God can use us to bring blessings into others lives, but the story isn't over yet. The very next day, the woman found $100 in her purse. She was puzzled. Hadn't she just given $100 to the woman in the grocery store?? "Well Lord," she said, "show me what to do with this $100." That day, God showed her another individual who was desperately in need of money. And can you guess what happened the next morning?? There was another $100 in the woman's purse!! This happened 27 more times! Wow! What a beautiful story of what happens when we place ourselves in God's hands and give our means, talents, and time to Him.

This is a story that my aunt told me, and she heard it from a sermon. I don't know who preached the sermon, and I don't know the woman in the story, so I don't know who to credit for this story. But it hit me in a powerful way and I pray that it did the same for you.

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