Monday, April 29, 2013

More pictures!!! :)

The other Student Missionaries and I that decided to go Camping 

 Beautiful Sunset on the Camping trip...

 Sorry this picture is sideways...But it is a little crab that I found out I had been sitting on partway through my devotions...

 Fresh coconut!! Got it myself! (don't tell anyone...but the tree had been knocked down by the storm... ;)

This beautiful place called Nalup where we went camping..

Got my Pohnpei Drivers License! :) Great souvenir! 

We went on outreach this last Sabbath, and did VBS for the kids. 

Learned to play the Ukulele!!! This is my teacher..Trevor :)

Where I went camping two weekends ago...just incredible!

Here Kristi, Kari, and Kami! I posted these especially for you! :) You can see what your big sister is up to. Hope you enjoy them! There will be more soon! Love you!

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